GoCore App Guide


1. Download the GoCore app for free from App Store or Google Play Store.
Tip - Search for Zinzino in the store.
- The Zinzino GoCore App is a personal development tool for Zinzino Partners.

2. Once installed, choose the country of your mobile phone number & confirm.

3. Enter the Activation code that will be sent to your phone to complete the registration.

4. Choose your content language.
You can switch between content language at anytime.

5. You can navigate content options, inbox, settings & home at the bottom of the app.

6. Categorie include: E-learning, Building Belief, Product Education, Business Growth, Duplication, Goal Setting, Leadership, Personal Development, Prospecting, Recruiting

7. You can enter full screen mode by pressing here

8. Settings enables you to change your profile information, access downloaded content, change app language and more!

9. You can also choose between audio & video content options.

10. Got Questions?
FAQ on Partner Forum, Back Office File library or Partner support

Duration: 01:51

Posted: Monday, December 7, 2020

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